Hello and welcome keen skater! 

Little about me ... I’e been skating most of my life, I’ve been performing with skates and a hula hoop for about 15 years and about 5 years ago skating become my constant passion, skating every day, getting lessons and travelling to learn. I discovered jam skating! My two favourites - dance and skating combined. 

I made it my mission to go to skate love Barcelona a 3-5 day rollerskate festival where Oumi_janta and I were students together for Quadzilla and Stormskater. I have also been to L.A to learn from OG skaters and learnt the 12 steps of grade school ie down town and variations. I learnt dance routines from Morgan Weske. 

All of this I wanted to bring to Australia as there is nothing really in Melbourne teaching this. If you are sick of learning from a screen and want to progress, face to face lessons is where it’s at. 

I’m here to get you rolling smooth and safe, we will break down step by step the moves you wish to learn. From beginner to advanced levels. 

We started teaching small groups at Big Bang studio then moved to a bigger space at Northcote Retropolis which was a huge success but then COVID happened and we keep adapting to the situation. Classes outside then to one on one. Seeing the progress in one hour is amazing! I’m currently travelling to spots in my 5k which is great seeing the community grow and seeing skaters everywhere.